Tulsa Composite Fillings

Tulsa Composite Fillings

Have you ever had the uncomfortable ache in your mouth only to realize you have a cavity? Most people have experienced a cavity or two. Composite fillings are dental fillings to restore the function to your tooth after a cavity or another minor damage. Composite fillings easily blend in with the rest of your tooth and are unnoticeable. Our dentist will clean the affected area and fill the hollowed-out space with the composite filling, effectively restoring the tooth.

Do You Need a Composite Filling?

If you need a composite filling in your teeth, our dentist will be able to identify it at your six-month dental exam and cleaning. Fillings are used to restore a tooth that has minor decay or damage. Some of the symptoms and conditions that make fillings necessary are listed below:

  • An ache in a tooth
  • Cavity
  • Minor damage or wear
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • A dark or blackened spot on your tooth

Composite fillings should last up to ten years with proper dental care and regular professional cleanings. Once you receive a filling, it’s essential to decrease the amounts of sugary or acidic foods, as these tend to cause composite fillings to wear out much faster than they usually would. At Dentistry For You, we are dedicated to your dental health. If our dentist decides that you need a composite filling, we will discuss and educate you on proper care. We always leave it up to our patients to make decisions on procedures. Receiving a composite filling is a minor procedure, but our team will do everything they can to ensure your comfort.

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