Tulsa Metal-Free Dentistry

Tulsa Metal-Free Dentistry

When it comes to straightening your teeth, there is a bevy of options. From classic wire braces to clear, non-metal options, our Dentistry For You team can help you find the perfect pair. Both clear aligners and metal braces can straighten your teeth, and there are benefits to both options. Clear aligners are handy for many reasons and are an increasingly popular choice.

Why Choose Metal-Free Dentistry?

  • They are easy to wear and clean. Unlike wire braces, you can take your clear aligners out while eating and brushing your teeth. You can also clean your aligners separately, making it easier overall to clean your teeth.
  • They are hard to notice. If you’re an adult or working in the professional world, you might feel self-conscious about wearing braces. With clear aligners, you won’t have to worry about having noticeable brackets.
  • They are usually more comfortable. While wire braces may be necessary for some cases, clear aligners are generally a bit more comfortable. With clear aligners, no wires are poking your gums and lips. However, both clear aligners and wire braces will have some level of discomfort as they move your teeth.

It’s important to remember that every mouth is different, and every treatment will be different, as well. Our team of dental experts will help guide you to the best solution for your teeth. There are many unique benefits to choosing clear aligners, and Dentistry For You has several types of non-metal straighteners to choose from. So give us a call to schedule an appointment with us to get started on your journey to a healthier smile!

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