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Midtown Tulsa Dentist Serving Midtown Tulsa, OK

Dentistry for You is a midtown Tulsa dentist in midtown Tulsa, OK offering comprehensive family dental care. Their expertise is in beautifying smiles, maintaining your dental health, and helping you have a comfortable dentist appointment. From the latest technology to the friendly staff, the Dentistry For You team can’t wait to take care of you and your dental needs. If you’re looking for a midtown Tulsa dentist for your dental care needs, contact Dentistry for You today.

Midtown Tulsa Dentist

  • Family Dentistry, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Same-Day Emergency Dental Care, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Invisible Braces, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Metal-Free Dentistry, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Root Canals, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Extractions, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Implants, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Full or Partial Dentures, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Porcelain Bridges, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Sedation Dentistry, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Gum Contouring, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Oral Surgery, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Bone Grafting, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Oral Appliances, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Dental Cleaner, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Dental Crown, midtown Tulsa, OK
  • Cosmetic Dentistry, midtown Tulsa, OK

If you’re in need of a midtown Tulsa dentist, contact Dentistry for You today.

Phone Number

(918) 494-4445


4606 E 67th St.
Tulsa, OK 74136


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Hours of Operation

Monday: 8AM – 12PM & 1PM – 5PM

Tuesday: 8AM – 12PM & 1PM – 5PM

Wednesday: 8AM – 12PM & 1PM – 5PM

Thursday: 8AM – 12PM & 1PM – 5PM

Friday: Closed

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